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10 Easy Ways to Re-Purpose Old Tea Leaves

10 Easy Ways to Re-Purpose Old Tea Leaves

Whether or not you brew your tea with loose leaves or tea bags, the tea you use goes right into the trash after its initial use.

And if you drink as much tea as we do, it's safe to assume that much of it goes to waste.

Unless you compost, the lifespan of most tea leaves is much shorter than it needs to be.

We love Mother Nature, so it's about time we all show it. We're taking our tea use to the next level by finding ways to re-purpose them.

Re-purposing used tea leaves is incredibly eye-opening, and is actually fun! We promise.

Join us on our journey as we become more waste conscious and discover the incredibly easy ways to make an impact with tea.

10 Easy Ways to Re-Purpose Old Tea Leaves

    • Simply brew stronger tea. Add the used leaves or tea bag to your next cup of tea.
    • Treat your garden. Brew old tea leaves and bags in a bucket of water. This will create weak and diluted tea, but is perfect for watering plants because it prevents fungus growth.
      • Can't quite cut the grease down on that pan from last night's dinner? Soak dirty dishes in warm to hot water to break down grease.
      • Getting crafty this weekend? Dye parchment paper with weak tea water. This light and natural dye is great for creating an aged and worn look! It also works great on untreated canvas.
      • Feeling under the weather? Throw a couple tea bags into your next bath. The antioxidants and aromas in the tea leaves will leave you feeling fresher than before.
      • Add extra flavor to oatmeal. Throw a used chai or cinnamon tea bag into the mix and brew it when you boil your oats! Add some cinnamon and chow down.
      • Eliminate odors anywhere! Use dried tea leaves in the refrigerator, at the bottom of trash bins, in your car and even in your cat litter! The leaves act as a natural air filter. Add a couple drops of any essential oil to freshen the air up even more.
      • No one likes stinky feet, so prevent the problem before it starts! Add used tea bags or leaves to warm water and dip your toes, and feet! Tea leaves help soften calluses, neutralizes odors and detoxifies your skin.
      • Throw old tea leaves into the toilet and let soak for 2-3 hours. Remove and discard the bags into the trash if you're using old tea bags. Otherwise, leave the tea leaves in and scrub! Flush and voila.
      • Dealing with rodent problems? Well, luckily for you mice aren't particularly fond of tea aromas. Place used, dried tea bags in your house's problem areas, or where these pests are entering your home. Add multiple drops of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils as well to ward off insects too!

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